for everyday errands, go here.

Ralph's Food Warehouse
This is the best place to do your general grocery shopping if you plan on cooking. You may also purchase beer and alcohol here. Do not go to the Econo or you will be sad!6AM–10PM Mon-Sat

8AM-8PM Sun
Pharmacy       CVSFor all your pharmacy needsopen 24 hrsmap
Fresh fishPescadería de SardineraLocated at the foot of the Conquistador and the Marina of Puerto Chico in Fajardo, is recognized as one of the main fishmongers in Puerto RicoTues-Sat 9AM- 5PMmap
IceOrlan Spot Bar & GrilIf you're in a pinch and need some extra ice,  Advil or cigarettes, the neighborhood bar sells some convenience store items. 1PM-2AMmap